Stetson University

Strategic Direction Three

Strategic Direction #3: The College should continue to improve its financial position.

A. The College should continue to work with the University to ensure that the amount of its allocation to the University does not impede the College's ability to further its Trustee-approved goals.

B. The College should continue efforts to diversify revenue and decrease its dependence on J.D. tuition revenue.

estate_planning MILESTONE: Charitable Estate Planning Resources at Stetson Law

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C. The College should continue to ensure that it maintains and allocates sufficient funds to support and improve its reputation and ranking, and maintain accreditation.

D. Where appropriate, the College should continue to pursue alternative sources of funding. The College should continue to provide training and support for faculty who wish to pursue grants.

E. The College should be cognizant of the current economic climate when making major decisions, such as hiring or capital projects.

To read more details, please see the complete 2009 Strategic Plan (PDF).

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