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Strategic Plan for Stetson University College of Law

Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz

Dear Stetson Law community:

I am pleased to report that the Stetson University College of Law has recently completed the first phase of our strategic planning process that offered an opportunity to bring our community together for rich, creative, and innovative discussions. Our Strategic Plan is built upon our Stetson University values of personal growth to increase self-knowledge, intellectual development to achieve academic excellence and foster exploration, and global citizenship to be informed and engaged in our communities and beyond.

For the College of Law, it is time to thoughtfully leverage our strengths and resources to further distinguish ourselves in the academic community, magnify our national and international prominence, and grow our reputation among those who provide opportunities for our students.

Since 1900, Stetson University College of Law has stood on the leading edge of innovation in legal education, teaching its first trial advocacy course in 1902 and opening the first legal clinic in Florida in 1938. Today, we embrace this foundation of blending skills, doctrine, and professionalism and remain committed to a rigorous educational experience that prides itself on the relationships that we build and our responsibility as lawyers to better society.

This plan provides overarching strategies to embrace personal and professional integrity, develop leaders in our communities, encourage social responsibility, and move Stetson University College of Law forward. We look forward to beginning our operational phase that will guide us in setting measurable goals to hold ourselves accountable.

As we implement this new Strategic Plan, we aspire to new heights as a vibrant and dynamic scholarly community of faculty, students, and staff who have a meaningful and far-reaching impact on the law, the profession, and our society.

We are optimistic about our future because of who we are, and who we want to be. WE ARE STETSON.


Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz

Dean and Professor of Law

Strategic Actions: College of Law

Empower students and alumni to be successful legal professionals and serve the public good.
Make a positive and lasting impact in the Tampa Bay community, the State of Florida, and beyond.
Position Stetson Law’s physical space, communications capabilities, information services, and technology services to provide support for innovative, mission-centered teaching, knowledge-creation, and service.
Attract and retain an excellent and diverse faculty and staff.
Foster an “every moment counts” culture.
Generate knowledge relevant to Stetson Law’s local, national, and international communities and share that knowledge with others.
Offer a forward-thinking and well-rounded legal education where students acquire legal knowledge, practice-ready skills, and stellar ethics and professionalism.
Attract and retain academically highly qualified, capable, diverse, motivated, ethical and professional students.