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Sport Management

Sport Management is one of the most rapidly growing and exciting professions available to students interested in a sports career. This growth has created opportunities for sports professionals in a wide variety of sport management positions in private, interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional athletics.

Stetson University's Sport Management program is housed in the new Wilson Athletic Center, providing students with a fully-equipped, modern learning environment.

Sport Management Curriculum

The growth of the sport industry has created a need for competent sport professionals trained in administration, marketing/promotion, accounting, and economics. A major in sport management prepares students for careers in the sport industry in areas such as sport marketing and management, sport administration, public relations, and sports information. Students in sport management (SM) are provided opportunities to work with sport professionals in the university, local or state sport community. The SM department is housed in the newly constructed Wilson Athletic Center providing students with a full-equipped, modern learning environment. In addition to this facility, the School of Business Administration provides SM students a modern educational facility for professional business education.

Sport Management listing from Stetson University Catalog

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