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Family Enterprise Student Testimonials



The main reason I came to Stetson was for the Family Enterprise major. I wanted to bring the information learned back home and apply it to my family business. The Family Enterprise major also provided me with the opportunity to write my own life plan which helped me identify strengths and weaknesses along with creating my own definition of success.

-Cecelia Lukas, Class of '14

Cecelia Lukas
Ben Lazarus



The Family Enterprise Center at Stetson University really empowered me to take charge of my career and education. I've gained so many valuable skills, from social intelligence to stress management, that have helped me build strong relationships--both in my personal life and as a public official.

-Ben Lazarus, Class of '14



The Family Enterprise major has truly grown me as a person, student and a professional. My professors have pushed me to solidify my convictions and pursue my dreams of teaching Family Business in India. The investment they have made in my life will allow me to invest in others in the future and I am truly grateful for their dedication to teaching. This major has been meaningful and life-changing and I am so honored to be part of such an amazing program.

-Shannon Harrell, Class of '14

Shannon Harrell
Emma Campbell


The Family [Enterprise] major has entirely changed my perspective on life, intense development of my character and values invoked a motivation towards my career and success that I never felt before. The Family [Enterprise Center] is not only about the uniqueness of the family enterprise, but also about individuation and personal value selection. The impact family business has had on me has shown in personal and professional feedback and decision making is easier due to my value alignment in my actions and career aspirations. 

-Emma Campbell, Class of '16



Stetson's Family Enterprise Center equipped me with the professionalism, socio-emotional intelligence, and drive I'll need to succeed in anything I do. I am proud to be a Stetson Family Enterprise Major and I can honestly say it's the best choice I've made for my career aspirations.

-Jules Nagle, Class of '14

Jules Nagle