Information for Prospective Students

Benefits of the Curriculum

Stetson University is the first school in the nation to offer a degree in Family Business and the second to offer it as a minor degree. In this growing academic field, Stetson's Family Enterprise Center can help you manage three potentially life-long relationships:

  • As a member of a closer-knit family;
  • As a (potential) employee/successor; and
  • As a (potential) owner/heir.

With a focus on teaching and the Next Generation, the Family Enterprise Center helps students with:

  • Understanding the importance of Social Intelligence.
  • Managing family wealth and power.
  • Cultivating an attitude of credibility instead of entitlement.
  • Determining one's own future.
  • Taking ownership for one's life and career.
  • Gaining marketability so as not to become trapped in "golden handcuffs".
  • Receiving objective feedback.
  • Having one's college education address these risks.

In doing this, the Family Enterprise Center is able to offer students these four benefits:

  • Credibility – Having self-confidence you feel and others validate.
  • Marketability - Having options in the job market other than your family's business (at least two job offers at graduation).
  • 4-year dialogue with peers – Gaining the perspectives of people in similar situations.
  • 4-year dialogue with family – Gaining a common understanding of your values and goals.

By becoming a part of the Family Enterprise Center program, you also become eligible for scholarships available solely to our majors. 

FEC Scholarships

If you enter our program, you may be eligible for scholarships from a variety of sources in addition to the financial aid offered through the University. Outstanding students may receive awards and partial scholarships for their academic achievements, funded by the Family Enterprise Center Board of Advisors, the Business School Foundation, and other sources.