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When Your Parents Sign Your Paychecks

Dr. Greg McCann, Director of the Stetson FEC

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Dr. Greg McCann

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Family Business Review

"Do We Need to Use an Accountant? The Sales Growth and Survival Benefits to Family SMEs"

Francesco Barbera, Lecturer of Family Enterprise, Dr. Tim Hasso

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Small Business Economics

"Firm ownership and productivity: a study of family and non-family SMEs"

Francesco Barbera, Ken Moores

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BDO Australia

"Family Business Wealth and Knowledge Transfer Report"

Francesco Barbera, Justin Craig, et al

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Huffington Post

"Character Counts: Why Business Education Requires More than Competency"

Dr. Greg McCann

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Family Business Magazine

"Family firms must learn to manage concurrency"

Peter Begalla, Professor of Family Enterprise, Joshua Nacht

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FFI Practitioner

"Healthy Relationships Build Shareholder Value"

Peter Begalla, Steve Lytle

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Next Generation Revolution

"Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Next Generation goes to Stetson University to get answers"

Peter Begalla

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