students in caps and gownsman from cohort 9

Program Overview

The Cohort Experience

Our commitment is to guide you to become the best person, the best professional and the best global leader that you can be. For anyone seeking to expand their options, Stetson University will deliver a transformative experience that is innovative and intimate delivered in a "client-centered model." The ultimate goal is to lead you not just to success but to significance.

Holistic approach

Our holistic approach means we understand that everything affects everything else. This strategic mindset informs how we help you- the whole person, to the integration of our "Professional Service Firm" team approach, to the type of leadership we cultivate in you.

Character-driven leaders

The personal and the professional cannot and should not be separated. Who are you and how do the important people in of your life perceive you (i.e. what is your reputation)? Alignment of these two perceptions creates a leader with greater integrity, trust, and greater meaning in life. In times of exponential change, being grounded in deep self-awareness, including your character, is absolutely imperative.

Connected Team

We offer you a deeper and more meaningful shared experience. You will learn to connect your self-awareness to the cohort and interact as a team not only on the application of course material, but also in supporting each other's growth, development, and success. You will have a space where dropping your guard, being open and vulnerable will lead to greater insight, trust, team functioning and leadership.

Our professional faculty and adjuncts have terminal degrees within their fields, real-world business experience, and a commitment to your success work together as a team towards helping you succeed.

Innovative experience and delivery

An integrated team of professionals designed to collaborate on your success. We coordinate our team to make your entire experience seamless, low-maintenance and high return, including:

  • A cohort coach that coordinates your individual development goals, the team's goals, and the experience.
  • A "Professional Service Firm" approach that includes the cohort coach, a career coach, the faculty, and staff to make sure all the dots are connected.
  • Technology is mindfully used, not to save us money, but when it makes sense for your convenience.
  • The cases used in the courses are real-life, simulate the pressures of real-life, and yet occur in a safer more controlled setting that allows for greater risks, learnings, and even mistakes.

Innovative, entrepreneurial mindset and skill development

We live in exponential times where the rates of change, globalization and interdependency have ever-increasing impact on individuals, organizations and even nations. Learning how to understand, design for, and lead change is at the core of what is more needed for today-and tomorrow's leaders.

  • Global leader who has an interdependency awareness. Not only awareness of different cultures, but also the ability to start to think in the mindset of a different culture, across boundaries of all sorts, is a vital skill to be a global leader.
  • Thought leader. The ability to be a global leader and not merely understand a field but be able to interact with experts from that field but be able to critique the field itself.

The Stetson University Executive M.B.A. Program at Celebration provides present and future senior executives with timely and essential business skills.