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Executive MBA Policies & Resource Guide

The Stetson Executive MBA program has a number of Policies, which you should make sure you are aware of. These will be reiterated at the Orientation Session, but are important to be familiar with. For an overview of all EMBA policies, proceedures and helpful information, please see the Resource guide below.


Because of the structure of the EMBA program at Celebration, inability to attend a session (fully or in part) results in a substantial loss of contact hours and the portion of the knowledge base being covered.  It is the student's responsibility to contact both the Program Assistant Director and the Professor teaching the class at least 72 hours before that class for any absence if known.  Contact with the Program Assistant Director and the professor does not constitute acceptance of the fact and forgiveness of the material.  It is up to the student to address the consequences of the absence with the individual faculty.  If that faculty wishes to allow for makeup of the material, all such arrangement must be initiated by the student and agreed upon by that faculty member. The individual faculty policies with regard to attendance and grading are specifically stated in their syllabus.


Grades assigned to students in graduate programs of the School of Business Administration are as follows:

A - Distinction;
B - Quality expected of graduate students;
C - Below graduate standards;
D - Not accepted for graduate credit;
F - Failure.

At the faculty member's discretion, plusses and minuses may be used to further refine a student's grade. 


Successful completion of all graduate programs in the School of Business Administration requires that the student earn a minimum of 3.0 overall GPA in all advanced level courses. A student who completes all required advanced level courses with an overall GPA lower than a 3.0 may petition the director of the appropriate graduate program for permission to retake a maximum of two courses in which a grade of less than B was earned.


If an enrolled Executive MBA graduate student wishes to withdraw from the University, he or she must comply with the withdrawal process described below. Conversations with the program academic advisor (Executive MBA Director/Associate Dean for Graduate Business Studies) are necessary to discuss both the academic and financial implications.  

  1. A Withdrawal Form must be completed and approved by the Dean of the School of Business.
  2. If a student receives any federal and/or state need-based aid and withdraws prior to the completion of 60% of a term, the Office of Financial Aid is required to perform federal return of Title IV funds calculation. After this calculation is
    completed, most students will owe a balance to the University since some federal and state aid typically has to be returned due to a student's failure to complete the term.
  3. The permanent academic record will reflect either a W, WP, or WF depending on thecompletion level of the current course/s.
  4. Withdrawal from one course in the Executive MBA program forces removal from the entire program since it is a lock-step, 19-month program.

Academic Honesty & Plagiarism

The dictionary defines plagiarism as "…stealing and using the ideas of another as one's own."  Since much of the academic process involves research and writing, the temptation to plagiarize cannot be ignored. Toward that end, plagiarism will not be tolerated in Stetson University's EMBA program under any circumstances.  The most blatant form, taking credit in an assignment or exam for work done by another, will be dealt with harshly at the discretion of the faculty responsible for that course.  Rewriting another author's work so that it is not a direct quote is still connsidered plagiarism. 

Code of Conduct

Stetson students are expected to meet the highest professional standards. The Honor Pledge is at the heart of the Honor System at Stetson University. The Honor Pledge is a promise to abide by the highest standards of integrity and honesty in academic work.


Student Handbook

This Student Handbook should provide you with an overview of all the policies, proceedures and General Information which is relevant specifically to the Executive MBA program.


>> Download the EMBA Student Handbook.