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Financial Information

There are a number of different funding options available to Stetson University students. This page will provide you with information regarding your Financial Aid options, Student Account and Employer Tuition Reimbursement.

Also, if you have not yet applied for Financial Aid, and wish to do so, please apply as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Information - Step-by-Step instructions regarding how to apply for Financial Aid at Stetson.

Federal Funding Options - Information on the Financial Aid Options made available by the government.

If you still have questions regarding your Options, please look at the Stetson Financial Aid Website, or call Stetson Financial Aid and speak to Sigrun Olafsdottir.

Student Accounts

The Bursar's Office (Student Accounts) at Stetson generates bills and collects tuition, fees, and other University-related charges. The Bursar's Office will email bills approximately one month before your due date. The invoice will show your current balance and any activity for that month, as well as the due date.

Please review the Promissory Note prior to Orientation.

Tuition Reimbursement

Did you know that we can work with your employer for loan reimbursement? Speak to your employer to find out whether you are eligible for loan reimbursement.