Our program offers students a chance to earn real-world recognizable certificates in a number of expert areas, including; project management, business intelligence and anaytics, and business analysis. The certification courses are available to enrolled Stetson students at our campus locations.

Academic Certificate in Business Analysis

Joint Certificate Program in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Congratulations to the following students enrolled in BSAN 494 - Business Analysis who have earned the IIBA Academic Certificate in Business Analysis, successfully demonstrating the 53 performance competencies outlined in the IIBA® Business Analysis Competency Model.

  • Micky Akinrodoye
  • Nasser Allabun
  • Kyle Campbell
  • Michelle Crowe
  • Mariana Florea
  • Daniel Haggerty
  • Jenna Hoecker
  • Suzanne Lopez
  • Michael Nahirny
  • Royce Perez
  • Steven Saballos
  • Tarek Samoum
  • Christopher Stepp
  • Christina Tascher
  • Hidi Taylor