Stetson University

School of Business Administration



Academic Certificate in Business Analysis

Joint Certificate Program in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Congratulations to the following students enrolled in BSAN 494 - Business Analysis who have earned the IIBA Academic Certificate in Business Analysis, successfully demonstrating the 53 performance competencies outlined in the IIBA® Business Analysis Competency Model.

  • Micky Akinrodoye
  • Nasser Allabun
  • Kyle Campbell
  • Michelle Crowe
  • Mariana Florea
  • Daniel Haggerty
  • Jenna Hoecker
  • Suzanne Lopez
  • Michael Nahirny
  • Royce Perez
  • Steven Saballos
  • Tarek Samoum
  • Christopher Stepp
  • Christina Tascher
  • Hidi Taylor
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