Association for Women in Slavic Studies Graduate Essay Prize Committee is pleased to announce the winner of this year's Graduate Essay Prize, Kelly Miller, who received the award at the luncheon meeting on Saturday, November 17, at AAASS in Crystal City.

This year's submissions were greater than ever in number (23), written by both men and women, and covering a really heartening range of disciplines, themes, and institutions.

Kelly Miller's essay, "Iconography of the Poet as Intercessor:  The Russian Painting Subtexts in 'Requiem'," is a chapter from her dissertation, "Painting and the Poetry of Anna Akhmatova."  Miller's essay is beautifully written, clear and persuasive.  She treats the intersection of aesthetics and ethics with grace and insight.  Her sources are impressively broad in range, while her own interpretations are strikingly original.  Miller meticulously and compellingly demonstrates the connections between Akhmatova's Requiem and the artistic works identified, as well as Nikolai Punin's writings, and her discussion of the poema in terms of the iconostasis, as an artistic monument of Russian courage composed of beauty, suffering, faith and love, is powerful and elegantly focused. The members of the committee all felt that we learned a great deal from this essay, and we look forward to encountering more of Kelly Miller's scholarship.

Miller is a PhD Candidate at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where she expects to defend her dissertation next year.

Sibelan Forrester

AWSS Past President (2001-2002)

Swarthmore College