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Russian Studies offers a rigorous education in area studies and the liberal arts that prepares students for a wide range of careers. The resources of Stetson's Career Services are available to assist them in setting specific career goals and to help them develop the skills to implement those goals. The faculty members in the Russian Studies Program also serve as career advisors and assist wherever possible in matching students with career opportunities. Some students find Russian Studies excellent preparation for jobs in the international arena. Joyce Miller ('90) works for an international shipping company in Moscow. Earlier she worked as an on-air correspondent for one of Russia's most popular television programs. Tripp Wood ('96, RS minor) works for Kennmetal, a Fortune 1000 company, as director of international marketing. Mario Lanzisero ('96) joined the international business consulting firm Arthur Andersen.

Many graduates pursue careers in law, business, and government. Gregory Romano ('82) practices law in Somerville, NJ, Shannon Bergstrom '92) works for NET-WORLD, a New Jersey company that arranges travel to Russia, and William Millard ('85) and Kristin Selle Gjertsen ('87) went into Army intelligence. Millard now works as a representative for an American corporation in Kiev, Ukraine.

Still others pursue graduate study in order to enter university teaching, research, or other professions. Russian Studies majors from the class of 1994 entered leading graduate programs in areas relating directly to Russia, including those at Georgetown University (Karen Lazar), the University of Michigan (Kelly Miller), the University of North Carolina, the State University of New York-Albany, and the University of Kentucky. Lynn Parsons Brauer ('93), after studying linguistics at University of Texas, entered the Stetson College of Law and Jason Walden ('95) is a student of Russian literature at the University of North Carolina. David Ackley ('92) received his law degree from the Boston College Law School and Erik Ehrhardt ('92), from the University of Florida. Jamie Clark Sales ('89) completed the doctorate at Yale Divinity School.

David Houston ('05) is teaching English in South Korea; Lee Phillips ('05) is doing graduate study at Oxford University; Chanele Brothers Muntean {'03) is a graduate student in Russian at the University of Texas at Austin. James Hargrave (2003) is doing graduate work at the University of Florida after having spent a year teaching English in South Korrea.

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