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Stetson University offers students interested in Russian affairs the resources of a large research university in a small college setting. That means that the student receives individual support from accomplished Russian Studies scholars and enjoys access to distinctive educational experiences and sources of information at the same time.

Russian Studies at Stetson University is a comprehensive program that offers students the opportunity to learn about the varieties of history, politics, economics, and culture in the geographical region once occupied by the Russian empire and later by the Soviet Union. Now that territory comprises the Commonwealth of Independent States and, on a more restricted dimension, the Russian Federation.

Russian Studies students acquire proficiency in the Russian language, spoken by more than 250 million people across Eurasia; and they have an opportunity to study as exchange students in Moscow at Russia's premier university.

Students may choose to major or to minor in Russian Studies. They construct their curriculums from designated Russian Studies courses in a variety of departments of the university.

A major in Russian Studies requires 28 hours of coursework beyond the foundation language classes, RSN101,102,201,202, Beginning and Intermediate Russian. Students elect a minimum of eight Russian-related courses from the social sciences and humanities. They conclude the major with a carefully defined senior research project.

For more information on things such as a major or minor in Russian Studies or for a list of courses offered please refer to the catalog for an updated list. For information on learning opportunities and opportunities after Stetson click the links below.

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