Psychology in Action

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While the bachelor's degree offers effective preparation for entry level work in a broad variety of occupations, most of our majors are preparing to do graduate work in Psychology or another field. So that you will be ready for these experiences, you will be required to complete a major research project under the guidance of a faculty member. You will be encouraged to do this during your junior year so that you will have time during your senior year to publish your work in a professional journal, present it at a professional conference, or collaborate with a faculty member on additional research.

You will also be encouraged to apply what you are learning outside the classroom. During the first two years, we encourage you to experiment with a broad range of volunteer, part-time, or temporary activities--join Youth Motivators and work one-on-one with a disadvantaged student; volunteer to take calls for a hot-line; work in the summer at the Florida Sheriffs' Youth Camp; or help Habitat for Humanity build a house for a low-income family. Taking advantage of such opportunities can give you invaluable information and experience. You can use this as a way of testing and refining some of your career preferences.

During your last two years, you will be encouraged to include a supervised internship as one of your courses. Prior to the internship, you will have taken at least four Psychology courses. Properly planned, this experience can provide a significant step forward toward graduate work or direct entry into the job market.

Your faculty adviser and the resources of Stetson's Career Services Office are available to assist you in setting specific career goals and to help you develop the skills needed to implement those goals.

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