Stetson University

College of Arts and Sciences

Psi Chi Activities

Invitations and Induction

Each semester, the Stetson Chapter issues invitations and accepts new members. A formal induction occurs once a year, in the spring semester.


Every semester, Psi Chi students volunteer to tutor other students in various undergraduate classes, such as Introductory Psychology, Great Experiments, Behavioral Statistics, and Cognitive Psychology. A list of tutors and contact information is posted in the display case outside the department office.

Involvement in Professional Meetings.

Each year, we encourage members of the chapter and other Psychology majors to attend and/or participate in professional conventions such as the annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association.

Special Events

The Stetson Chapter is involved in a variety of special departmental events, including sponsoring panels of senior Psychology majors who have been applying to graduate schools and who are available to share their experience with other students planning to apply, hosting visits by guest speakers, assisting in getting feedback from students as part of the Psychology Department's annual self-evaluation, and organizing movie nights for Psychology majors.

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