Department of Counselor Education

Graduate Programs in Counseling

The Department of Counselor Education at Stetson offers several master's level programs. These are not administered by the Department of Psychology.

Information about these programs may be obtained from the website for the Department of Counselor Education or by sending email to Dr. Bridgid Noonan, its Chair.

Special opportunity for Stetson Psychology majors: By agreement between the Psychology Department, the Department of Counselor Education, and the Graduate Studies Council, a Stetson graduate who has a major in Psychology, has completed at least half of his or her work at Stetson, has at least a 2.8 GPA for all work at Stetson, and successfully completes the required group interview (which will include consideration of letters of recommendation) will not be asked to take the Graduate Record Examinations or the Miller Analogies Test and will be automatically accepted into any of the three master's programs offered by the Department of Counselor Education: Mental Health Counseling; School Counseling; Marital, Couple, and Family Counseling/Therapy. Students who do not meet these criteria may apply for admission in the normal fashion.