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What's the best major to prepare me for law school?

Law schools don't recommend any particular undergraduate major. However, the Pre-Law Advisory Committee recommends that students select courses that build critical thinking and writing skills.

Are there particular courses I should take?

The American Bar Association urges pre-law students to develop a broad understanding of history, political thought and math skills, as well as an understanding of human behavior and social interaction, and finally an understanding of diverse cultures and world events. Stetson University offers a wide variety of courses in the liberal arts curriculum that are favored by law schools.

How should I prepare outside of classes?

Seeking out diverse life experiences and making contributions to society are highly recommended. Opportunities to study abroad, obtain internships, and engage in community service and service learning are offered throughout Stetson University.

How do law schools evaluate my application?

Usually, law schools consider LSAT scores, grade point average, personal statements, letters of recommendation and extracurricular activities. Most law schools usually require a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a minimum LSAT score of 155.

What law school is best for me?

Your LSAT score and GPA will largely determine the tier of law school where you're likely to be most competitive. A student with a GPA of 3.9 and an LSAT score of 172 may be a competitive applicant for Yale or Columbia Law School. Naturally, students may also be interested in attending public or private law schools in the Southeast region. Law schools also seek gender, race, economic and geographical diversity. If you're a member of an underrepresented group, your application may be highly valued. Attending the Pre-Law Fair will also help you gain insightful information from participating law schools.

What field of law should I consider?

It's important during your college career to assess whether or not you wish to be a practicing attorney. There are many kinds of law, from intellectual property to real estate, from corporate finance to estate planning. Spending a summer working as a law clerk, pursuing an internship or seeking informational interviews may help you to decide.

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