The Stetson University Philosophy Club


The Philosophy Club is a monthly meeting of the minds involving faculty, philosophy majors and minors, and students interested in pursuing advanced studies in philosophy. A student convener sets the agenda and distributes texts for discussion. There are usually six meetings a year with a new president elected annually; the president offers guidance to conveners in their selection of discussion topics. Meetings allow students and professors to continue their philosophical dialogue outside of class in a congenial atmosphere. The Stetson University Philosophy Club is officially recognized by the Student Government Association.

If you are interested in joining the Philosophy Club, please e-mail Divina Bungard, the Philosophy Department Secretary at and she will put you on the mailing list for upcoming Philosophy Club meetings and announcements.



Philosophy Club

This was a busy year in philosophy club as we discussed a wide array of topics, ranging from the treatment of women in philosophy to animal minds. We had the privilege of having one of our recent graduates, Kameron St. Clare, return from graduate school and present his master's thesis to the club. This year was also a year of novelty, as we held two events that the club had not yet seen. We had the first ever Sushi Symposium, wherein all of our majors, minors, and casual philosophers were invited to discuss their own philosophical interests and ideas over sushi. We also had the privilege of organizing the final meeting of the year around a musical performance by Tatiana Lyne and a celebration of Ludwig Wittgenstein's and Soren Kierkegaard's respective birthdays. Next year's president and vice president have also been selected: Congratulations to President Joel Mateo and Vice President Allen Love!

Shannon Abelson, President 2013

Jeffrey Klotz, Vice President