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GES 141P/141R Earth Affecting People

One unit. Analysis of Earth's physical and life systems with attention to human responses and impacts. This course is built upon traditions of Physical Geography. Labs will emphasize field methods in physical and life sciences.

GES 142S/142D Culture and Landscape

One unit. Analysis of human adaptation to and imprint on the Earth with attention to agriculture, forms of civilization, population, cultural forms, and resource use. This course is built upon traditions of Cultural and Human Geography.

GES 204S Latin American Spaces and Places

One unit. A regional survey of Latin America with emphasis on how the cultural and physical landscapes vary throughout the region. International linkages to other regions of the world are considered.

GES 205S Russian Spaces and Places

One unit. Emphasis is placed on the evolving nature of the cultural landscapes and peoples of Russia and those regions that were formerly part of the Russian empire or the USSR. The role of human-environmental interaction in these regions is also examined.

GES 301Q Geographic Information Systems and Science

One unit. Introduction to computer mapping platforms, techniques, data management, and data analysis. Assignments emphasize mapping using quantitative datasets and symbolic logic (e.g. Boolean Logic and Set Algebra).

GES 302 Field Methods

One unit. The measurement and analysis of geographic phenomena in the field. Students learn the principles of sampling and the use of specialized equipment (GPS, surveying instruments). Prerequisite: GES 141P/141R.

GES 303 Environmental Science Seminar

Half unit. Environmental Science Majors become acquainted with diverse applications of environmental science through the exploration of local professionals and researchers. Guest speakers present their work from the public, private, and academic sectors. (P/F) Prerequisites: Two of the following: GES 141P/141R, GES 142S/142D, BIOL 112P, BIOL 116P, BIOL 142P, CHEM 111P, CHEM 141P.

GES 310R/310JS Cultural and Political Ecology

One unit. An interdisciplinary approach to understanding the tensions between economic development and management of natural environments. The course emphasizes the dynamic (dialectical) influences of humans and environment on each other. The concept of nature is questioned while we explore various paradigms for understanding the effects of economic development and underdevelopment on natural systems. An international context is stressed.

GES 311P Weather and Climate

One unit. Analysis of the systems that create weather and climate. Storm formation, global climate change, and the instruments used to describe these phenomena are prominently featured. Labs emphasize analyses of primary and archived data. Prerequisite GES 141P/311R.

GES 312 Biogeography

One unit. An examination of the distribution patterns of plants and animals and the environmental and cultural influences responsible for them during the quaternary period (the last two million years). Emphasis is on natural plant communities and the impact of humans on them. Prerequisite: GES 141P/141R, or BIOL 112P, or BIOL 142P.

GES 313 The World's Population

One unit. A study of the spatial structure of the population of the developed and underdeveloped worlds, population movements, differentials in population structure among places, and current and future problems in the relationship between population and resources at a global scale.

GES314 Modern Urban America

One unit. An analysis of the evolution of the modern urban landscape in North America, with particular emphasis on the changes in architecture, technology, planning and society during the period 1880 to the present.

GES315 Sustainability Studies

One unit. Strategies and metrics for assessing and maintaining production systems that can be perpetuated through time in terms of resource management, economic yield, and quality of life. Prerequisite: GES 141P/141R, GES 142S/142D.

GES 395 Teaching Apprenticeship

Half unit. By permission.

GES 397.01 Earth Science Internship

One unit. (Pass/Fail only). Students explore earth science in an applied setting, working with a professional outside Stetson. Internships are available in various fields (biology, political science, etc.) and settings (DeLand, Orlando, international, etc.). Any faculty member teaching in the Environmental Science program may agree to supervise an internship. The structure of the internship is determined by the instructor. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

GES 397.02 GIS Internship

One unit. (Pass/Fail only). This internship course is designed for those pursuing professional and practical experience with a local agency involved in applied geographic information, mapping sciences and/or database management. Prerequisites: GES 301Q and permission of the instructor.

GES 401 Environmental Management Internship

One unit. (Pass/Fail only). This applied internship course is designed for those majors pursuing further professional and practical experience with a local agency involved in environmental management and natural resource conservation. Any faculty member teaching in the ESS program may agree to supervise an internship. The structure of the internship is determined by the instructor. Prerequisite: GES 401 and permission of the instructor.

GES 498 Senior Research Proposal

One unit. Students will formalize a research proposal acceptable to departmental faculty, which will then be carried out during the following semester. Offered fall semester only. Prerequisite permission of instructor.

GES 499 Senior Research Project

One unit. Students conduct an in-depth investigation of a topic as proposed in GY 497. Offered spring semester only. Prerequisite GES 498.

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