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Why Minor in Gender Studies?

The Gender Studies minor provides an awareness of gender and diversity issues, promotes critical thinking, and allows you to connect what you learn with your own life experiences. It helps provide a strong foundation for careers in such fields as the law, education, business or public administration, public policy, government, medical and health professions, and social/community service. Many employers increasingly value employees who are sensitive to gender and diversity issues. Moreover, theGender Studiesprogram can help prepare you for graduate programs in a wide range of disciplines, since some of the most exciting work being done today in research universities focuses on gender.

What do recent graduates of the GS minor have to say about the Program?

  • "The WGS minor was one of the best decisions I've made at Stetson."
  • "The most positive aspect of my WGS minor has been the open and comfortable feeling I've felt with all of my professors. There is a feeling of respect that I get from them. . . . I would definitely minor in WGS if I had it to do over again: these have been some of the most interesting classes I've had at Stetson."
  • "I know that the WGS minor will not only help me in my career goals but in my daily life."
  • "I would not change my experiences with the WGS program. It has been liberating and very supportive. What I've learned I will carry with me throughout my life. My career in public policy will call for not only an awareness of gender issues but also a need to embrace these issues and make changes for all humanity."
  • "After I became a WGS minor, my whole outlook about myself and the world gradually changed. I no longer worry so much about what other people think of me, my beliefs, or my abilities. I believe in myself."
  • "The minor has had a profound effect on the way I now view the world and everything around me. I look at everything differently!"
  • "The closeness and trust among the WGS minors is unique at Stetson. . . . I have learned as much from other minors as I have from my professors.


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