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Events around campus dealing with gender studies issues in January and February!

April 3 - Gays in the Military: Why the All-Volunteer Force Didn't "Break" with the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - Room 25L at 7pm 
Presentation/discussion by Col. Gary A. Packard, Jr., Head of the Dept. of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership, United States Air Force Academy 

April 4 - Bookfeast: How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent
 - Cross Cultural Center at 4:30
The novel's major themes include acculturation and coming of age. It deals with the myriad hardships of immigration, painting a vivid picture of the struggle to assimilate, the sense of displacement, and the confusion of identity suffered by the García family, as they are uprooted from familiarity and forced to begin a new life in New York City. 

April 4 - Women of Morocco: The Struggle of Yesterday and Today
- Stetson Room at 2:30 pm 
Lecture and slide presentation of the challenges women face in a Muslim country.

April 10 - Tournees French Film Festival
Sampson Hall 129 at 7:30 pm  
 A sensitive portrait of childhood just before pubescence, Tomboy, astutely explores the freedom of being untethered to the rule-bound world of gender codes. Laure, a gangly, short-haired kid about to go into fourth grade has just moved to a suburban apartment complex with her family a few weeks before the school year starts. The clan's relocation provides Laure an opportunity for re-invention, of sorting out what repels her. 

April 11 - TRANSaction Day - Outing Transphobia
 - Sampson 129 at 12 pm 
This session will feature a panel led discussion on various transitioning pathways that highlight transgender identities. 

April 11 -  TRANSaction Break-out Sessions - Trans 101
- Sampson Hall 129 at 4 pm 
In-depth overview of Trans identit 

April 11 - Transaction Day - Keynote speaker
- LBC 108 at 7 pm 
Keynote will share groundbreaking and candid account of their struggle to match gender identity with physical body.

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