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Graduate Programs

Program Overview

Students must complete 12 core credits. The core credits include: the graduate colloquium, which is an intensive study of critical methodology and professional issues, one course in literary theory and criticism; a directed research project leading to the masters thesis; and a masters thesis of publishable length and quality. At least 12 credits at the 500 or 600 level must be completed with at least six of those being at the 600 level.

Required Courses

Candidates for the master of arts in English must complete a total of 30 credit hours:

  • ENGL 600 Graduate Colloquium (3)
  • ENGL 698 Directed Research (3)
  • ENGL 699 Thesis (3)
  • One course in Criticism/Theory (3)
  • Four courses at the 500 level or above (12)
  • Two courses at the 600 level (6)
  • Total credits: 30

Full-Time Status

Full-time status for graduate students is defined as six credit hours per term.

Course in Criticism/Theory

Any of the following courses fulfills the criticism/theory requirement: ENGL 520, ENGL 522, ENGL 523, ENGL 524, ENGL 527, ENGL 528, ENGL 581, ENGL 582, ENGL 681.

Transfer Credit

Up to six hours of post-graduate work may be accepted for transfer credit in the degree program, with a grade of B or higher. Students wishing to apply such transfer hours to the distribution requirements for the degree should submit a written request stating the requirement to be fulfilled along with a copy of the syllabus for the course and any additional materials which will serve to demonstrate the nature of the course content.

Language Requirement

A reading knowledge or a modern language approved by the department is required for the program before the student may register for ENGL 699. Students may satisfy this requirement in one of three ways:

  • Students may score at least 76 percent on the reading examination administered by the university's department of modern languages and literatures. The approved languages for this examination are French, German and Spanish; students may apply to substitute another language if that language is appropriate for the student's course of study.
  • Students may satisfy the requirement by completing an undergraduate major or minor in a foreign language with a cumulative grade point average of B or better in the program.
  • Passing a course in a foreign language at Stetson University at the 200 level or higher will satisfy the requirement.


Students who have earned at least 24 credits toward the degree, who have fulfilled the modern language requirement and who have completed ENGL 698 must file a form in the Office of Graduate Studies showing that the thesis topic has been approved by the director of the thesis, the department chair and the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Once the form has been filed and approved, the student may register for ENGL 699. Prior to the final typing of the thesis, the student must have the approval of his or her thesis committee. After securing that approval, the student must submit for verification of correct form three copies of the thesis, typed and ready for binding, to the thesis director at least two weeks before the date set for the oral examination.

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