Stetson University

Graduate Programs


Master of Arts in English Program

The Stetson master's program cultivates independent research skills and the capacity to understand and resolve complex problems. These are traits universities and employers avidly seek, because they are the bedrock of sound decision-making and leadership. The program offers flexibility to students with a variety of goals, including personal enrichment, preparation for secondary or community college teaching or admission to doctoral studies. Every student in the program is expected to demonstrate advanced skill in reading literature, responding to texts orally and in writing from informed theoretical perspectives, and in researching critical contexts.

Graduates of this program have completed doctoral studies at top universities including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Northeastern University. Others have written popular books including Meals Worth Stopping For: Local Restaurants Within 10 Miles of Florida Interstates. Still others are teaching at colleges and universities, community colleges, public schools, private preparatory academies, are practicing law or managing programs throughout the State of Florida and the United States.

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