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Dr. W. Tandy Grubbs


Duke University, Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Dissertation Title: "High-Resolution Stimulated Brillouin Gain Spectroscopy of Liquids, Supercooled Liquids and Glasses."

High Point University, Bachelor of Science Honors, magna cum laude, Chemistry.


Stetson University:  Professor & Chair (8/11 - current); Professor (8/07 - 8/11); Associate Professor (8/01 - 8/07); Assistant Professor (8/95 - 8/01)

NIST Postdoctoral Fellow (8/93 - 7/95): Research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology using transient infrared spectroscopy to evaluate ultrafast energy flow in liquid phase polyatomic molecules.

Research Focus:

Current interests include using laser interferometry to measure properties of optical polymers, using laser light scattering methods to probe the formation of coordination compounds in solution, and the development of novel computer games in support of STEM education.

Courses Taught:

Physical Chemistry (CHEM203) & Advanced Physical Chemistry (CHEM303) - CHEM303 taught every other Spring.

General Chemistry I & II (CHEM141P & CHEM142) - sequence taught every academic year.

Alternative Energy Choices (CHEM111) - taught every other Spring.

Brewing Science & Technology (CHEM391) - course taught every Spring.

Grants Funded:

AT&T Foundation "Casual Gaming in Support of STEM Education," Principal Investigator, $50,000, 2011-13.

AT&T Foundation developing online resources in support of introductory chemistry education ($50,000), 2009-2011, Principal Investigator.

National Science Foundation (DBI) academic research infrastructure, remodeling Sage Hall ($610,000), 2011, Co-PI.

National Science Foundation (DUE) scholarships for chemistry and physics students ($597,000), 2007-2013, Principal Investigator.

National Science Foundation (NSF-MRI) instrument development grant involving undergraduate students ($134,215), 2002 - 2006, Principal Investigator.

Research Corporation grant to fund undergraduate research ($66,200), 1998, Principal Investigator.

ACS-PRF grant to fund undergraduate research ($20,000), 1998, Principal Investigator.

Honors and Affiliations:

ACS-Orlando Section 'Outstanding Teacher of the Year at the Undergraduate Institution,' 2010

Hand Faculty Research Award, Stetson University, 1999

Member, Sigma Xi 1992

Member, American Chemical Society 1987

Peer Reviewed Publications (names of undergraduate co-authors are underlined):

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Dr. W. Tandy Grubbs
Physical Chemistry
Ph.D. - Duke University

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