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AS as International Students' Guide to the US of A

From Diane Marian, an Education Major who was an exchange student from Freiburg, Germany

I am a student of the University of Education in
Freiburg, Germany. In Mr. Croce's class, The 1950's and
1960's, I learned a lot about American culture, history
and politics. I learned about topics which were mostly
already familiar to me, but in this class I understood
how things were related and I gained some detailed
knowledge which led to a deeper understanding. That
helped me alot to create a picture of America during
this period and to understand American culture even
The regular assignments we had to hand in improved my
writings skills a lot, as well as they helped me to
revise what we did in class. Expressing a topic in my
own words was an important factor of a deeper
I found it great that this class had a balance between
politics, history and culture. The projects like
playing games of the 50's and 60's, listening to music
of that time or attending a discussion (growing up
black and white in DeLand) made this class vivid and
even more interesting and were a real good contrast to
the reading.
I really liked this class because it was interesting,
the learning atmosphere was very positive, and I
learned a lot. Thus I wouldrecommend it to anybody
who is interested in American culture.

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