Paul J. Croce

My teaching and writing focus on the human creations of the mind and heart that form into ideas, theories, beliefs, convictions, impulses, values and tastes, and that then become players in American politics, popular culture, religion, science and cultural debates over race relations, the environment, health care, and war and peace. In short, I focus on how Americans form their commitments and act on them.

If you want to understand why Americans do what they do, look to their commitments, how they are formed and how they shape individual lives and American culture as a whole. This approach, which I call "culture watching," brings historical studies across many disciplines for collecting American stories and explaining American trends.

Paul J. Croce is pictured above with middle schoolers and students from the course The American 1950s and 1960s, The First Years of Our Own Time, now numbered AMST 361B/H, at a night of games from the era.