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Push Up

Fitness Incentive Program

Each semester, the Office of Wellness and Recreation provides a four- to six-week Fitness Incentive Program designed to keep participants motivated to continue their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Prizes are awarded upon completion and participation is completely FREE! For information on program dates, please call 386-822-7237.

How the Incentive Works

To get started, stop by the front desk in the Hollis Center and complete an informational punch card. These punch cards, which are displayed in the Hollis Center's lobby, have "punch places" for you to fill each week. The "punch place" activities include taking group fitness classes, exercising outdoors, getting seven to nine hours of sleep, stretching, swimming in the pool and any other activity that focuses on wellness.

If you successfully fill your punch card in the allotted time for the program, you'll receive an email congratulating you on your success and will be awarded a prize.