The 21st Birthday Project


The main theme of the 21st Birthday Project is to remind students that their 21st birthday doesn't equal 21 drinks, to give some tips to help them on their way to becoming a well-educated, responsible drinker. This project is part of a larger mission to promote health and wellness at Stetson University.

What do I Get?

Prior to their 21st birthday, students will receive a packet of information; residents will receive the packet their residential advisor, and commuters will receive it in their campus mailbox. This packet includes:

  • A birthday card with a special message from the Office of Wellness and Recreation
  • A copy of the university's official alcohol policy
  • A question for a raffle - The question is about the blood alcohol count (BAC) for their gender and weight. Those who'd like to participate can answer the question and return it to the Office of Wellness and Recreation. Participants will be entered into a drawing to win a gift certificate from Simon Malls.
  • "Eight Truths and Myths About Drinking"
  • Tips to Control BAC and How BAC Influences Driving
  • A male/female alcohol impairment chart/serving size guide
  • Information about alcohol poisoning, BAC and related behavior
  • Important references and resources and date rape drug information

Once you receive the packet, consider completing the feedback survey. The information presented in the packet isn't intended to challenge a student's decisions about drinking, nor is it intended to be a treatment tool.

If you've recently turned 21, have not received a packet, and would like to receive one, please email