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Social Media: FAQ

Why do I even have to use social media?

No one has to use social media! Keep in mind that social media is about connections, and no one can deny the importance of connections. The Huffington Post reported that a social media survey by NM Incite (a Nielsen McKinsey company) found that the top three reasons people use social media are:

  • To connect with friends.
  • To check product reviews.
  • For entertainment.

Social media is more than a trend, and it's definitely not a fad - it's the way the modern world communicates. Today it's possible to receive a faster customer service response via social media than it is via traditional methods like the telephone. And let's not forget that there was a time that the telephone was looked down upon as a trendy fad.

So don't think of social media as a nuisance. Think of it as a tool. Use it to connect with people and take advantage of its reach.

Where do I start?

Start with one platform and go from there. Most people gravitate toward and start with Facebook, which has almost a billion active users all over the world. Simply create an account and follow Facebook's instructions to get started. Pay close attention to the privacy settings and make sure you set them to a level that you're comfortable with. Browse other people's profiles to see what kind of information they post and comment on posts that you like. Once you're familiar with Facebook, you might want to consider other social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube or Flickr.

I'm on too many platforms! Help!

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the platforms out there, try setting up a schedule to monitor your profiles on a regular basis, or use a social media dashboard like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to organize and optimize usage and level of engagement. If you don't want to set up a dashboard, you can follow the general rule of checking your profiles in the morning, afternoon and evening. Any schedule will depend on your needs and how engaged you want to be. Power users track notifications so that they can respond immediately, whereas casual users might check their profiles once a day or once every few days.

Should I post all my news at the same time?

No! People dislike information dumps. Space out your posts.

How do I get "engaged?"

Think of holding a conversation with a friend. Your level of engagement is entirely on how "in" the conversation you want to be. With social media, you're taking that same dynamic and applying it online. So comment on your friends' posts, photos and videos. Like and share their photos and videos. Ask questions, post your status, follow trends and share interesting news.

Also, as with any other conversation, keep it civil.

How do I found out what people are saying about me?

Set up a Google Alert; it's free and easy. You'll receive daily reports via email that will list mentions and provide links. For real-time tracking, try socialmention or icerocket.

Someone's leaving offensive posts on my profile(s). What do I do?

You have the right to remove any and all posts on all of your profiles, and you can block and/or ban others from posting on them. If you're monitoring an organizational account, discuss the offensive material with your supervisor before taking action. Clearly state your parameters in your profile's information area and also specify that you maintain editorial discretion over any and all material posted. That being said, take a balanced approach. There's a difference between something that's truly offensive and a comment or post that represents a difference of opinion. Consider the latter an opportunity for engagement and dialogue.

My non-university club is hosting a fundraiser. Can I post it on Stetson University's Facebook page?

No. We discourage non-university promotion on the university's official social media sites, though we do make rare exceptions that are determined on a case-by-case basis. An example would be a non-university event in which the university plays a major role as a partner or sponsor.

Help! Someone's using my name!

It's always possible that someone else has the same name as you. However, if someone really is fraudulently using your identity, report the infringement immediately. Most social media platforms have specific avenues for doing this. If you notice that someone is using the Stetson University name fraudulently, we ask that you contact us as or 386-822-8920.

Why is Facebook always changing things?

Social media is still a new medium, and it's constantly evolving as it finds its place. Facebook, being arguably the most popular social media platform, is always changing to keep up with emerging trends and to improve on its service. So while it can be annoying, you might as well get used to it! :)

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