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Web Service: Web Hosting


This service is available to any official Stetson University entity with the exception of academic classes.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the business of providing server space for individuals, companies or organizations that don't have their own web servers. The scope of web hosting services varies greatly. In most cases, the individuals, companies or organizations maintain their own web space. In some cases the web hosts will maintain the sites for the clients, but only as an additional paid service.

What We Offer

Stetson University offers web space for every employee and current student at no cost. With only a few exceptions, any official Stetson University department, non-organizational group and office must use WebGarage, Stetson University's content management system, and will not be provided an FTP-based web space. All student organizations are offered web space, but are highly encouraged to instead use OrgSync for their online needs.

Getting Started

  1. Identify what type of constituent you are.
  2. Figure out whether or not web hosting is offered to you
  3. Depending on which service is available:
    • If you're an individual, contact for web space.
    • If you're a department, non-organizational group or office, use the Web Service Request form to request web space and access to WebGarage.
    • If you're part of a student organization, contact for help in setting up access to OrgSync.
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