Stetson University

Web Service: Hatternet


This service is available to any official Stetson University employee, student or alum.

What is Hatternet?

Hatternet is the university's community networking system. Since it first became available in 2006, it's become increasingly popular among alumni, employees and current students. Its users are able to search for alumni, connect with those who are willing to assist with various aspects of life, and have access to online forms that help to keep alumni in touch with the university. Registered users are also able to help keep their permanent records up-to-fate.

What We Offer

Hatternet isn't available to the general public; to register an account with the system you'll need your social security number or Stetson University ID number so that your affiliation with the university can be verified. The university's Office of Alumni Engagement controls Hatternet; Web Services administers the system on their behalf and periodically updates the system.

Getting Started

  1. Contact for more information. If you're an alum, employee or student, you can get started now by browsing to
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