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This service is available to any official Stetson University entity.

What is a forum?

Forums are places where people can discuss multiple topics of common interest. By doing so, forums innately help to create communities around these shared interests. Online forums control the topics via posts which are organized into related threads around questions and answers or community discussions. Forums work like a catalog board whereby you post a message and return later to see if people have responded.

In a forum, you can:

  • Search or browse through messages to learn more about a topic.
  • Share tips or ask questions.
  • Create a centralized place to answer questions.
  • Find people who deal with similar types of issues.

Before Contacting Us

You should be able to answer these questions:

  1. Why do you think you need a forum?
    • What problem would it solve?
    • How will it help you meet your organizational goals?
  2. Who is your audience?
    • Who are you writing to?
    • What message do you want to communicate?
    • What kind of feedback do you expect, and how will you manage it?

If you decide that a forum is right for you, then continue on.

What We Offer

Stetson University uses phpBB for its forum needs. Upon request and approval, Web Services will install phpBB for the requester to use. While we offer support for usage, ultimately it will be up to the requester to maintain the content within the system.

Getting Started

  1. Determine if your content fits into the forum category of content.
  2. Use the Web Services Request form to make your request. Please explain the goal of the goal and how you believe it will help you to achieve it.
  3. If approved, Web Services will create a forum for you and send you the credentials to get started.

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