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This service is available to any official Stetson University entity.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing, commonly known as e-blasts or email blasting, is a proven advertising tool that can help you reach targeted audiences, amplify your message and promote a call to action. An e-blast is an email sent to targeted, multiple recipients.

Before Contacting Us

An e-blast differs from a faculty, staff or student announcement:

An e-blast is a targeted email sent to specific email recipients that are hand-selected to receive the message; the email may feature photographs and other images such as logos, and the design is responsive for optimal viewing on mobile devices. Detailed tracking data is available. Cost generally averages about half a cent per email.

An email announcement is a text-only email that blankets everyone in a designated university email list, such as all faculty, students or staff. No graphics or images are incorporated. No tracking data is available. No costs are involved.

What We Offer

Stetson University Marketing offers e-blast services to all official university entities. Fill out the online request form and a staff member will contact you to discuss the request. Here are a few things to consider before you proceed, to help make your email the best it can be:

  • Subject Line and Sender ID: These are usually the first words the email recipient sees (see sample below), so they need to be interesting enough to the recipient to ensure the email is read.
  • Subject Line: Be short and to the point. Gimmicks and hooks aren't recommended; in fact, they often get caught in spam filters.
  • Sender ID: This tells the recipient who is sending the email. Use a university or other professional email address for best results (i.e., don't use personal emails such as because they might be misinterpreted as spam). Replies from recipients are automatically routed to the sender's email.
  • E-blast format: Three basic styles predominate and are recommended for best results.
    1. Header and footer: Includes the Stetson University or client logo at the top (see sample above), and a simple footer with contact information. The e-blast content may include bold, italic, underline, color and use of simple tables. Limited font palette available. Requires one to two business days from the time the request is received.
    2. Photo: Features one photo at the top of the email (see Griffith Hall image in the sample above). The e-blast content is positioned below or next to the image, and may include bold, italic, underline, color and use of simple tables. Limited font palette available. Requires two to three business days from the time the request is received.
    3. Template: A number of pre-designed, customizable templates are available to help make your e-blast more visually noticeable to recipients. These templates are designed to be viewable across multiple devices. We work with the client to help identify and customize a template that best fits the project needs. Requires one to two weeks from the time the request is received.

E-blast subject and sender

Occasionally, a client needs a custom-built design. In such cases, the project is first requested through Stetson University's Creative Services department, which will provide the design services or recommend that it be outsourced to a vendor. The design is then routed to the Web Services department for implementation. Projects of this nature may require up to three months, in order to accommodate pre-existing Creative Services commitments, creation of the design, building of the code and extensive web testing to ensure functionality across multiple browsers and handheld devices.

A client may be working with their own vendor for creation of the code. In such cases, the client can simply attach the URL of the HTML file to the online request form. This will greatly reduce the length of time required to send out the blast. Generally, such blasts can be sent within three business days of receipt of request.

Getting Started

  1. Review everything explained on this page, and decide which type of e-blast best fits your needs.
  2. Gather all materials needed for your e-blast:
    • Content, photos, subject line and sender ID
    • List of email addresses that will receive the blast. Make sure the list is formatted as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLS or XLSX).
    • The university account number that will be charged. This must be a 19-digit Stetson University account number. At the end of the month during which the e-blast is sent, you will receive an invoice showing the full dollar amount charged. The price varies depending on the number of recipients, but the cost is generally half a cent per email.
  3. Fill out the online request form

If you have questions about any aspect of an e-blast and/or would like to discuss them before proceeding, please contact Gerri Bauer at

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