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Web Service: Content Management System


This service is available to official Stetson University departments, non-organizational groups and offices.

What is WebGarage?

WebGarage is what's called a "content management system" or CMS. That is, it's an online program used to manage the content of a website or group of websites. WebGarage allows content authors and website managers, who may not have any experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any other web programming language, to manage the creation and maintenance of content from a website. Instead, content authors and website managers can edit their content almost as easily as if they were editing a document in Microsoft Word; the system will then automatically convert their work into HTML code that web browsers can interpret to display the web page.

WebGarage provides a set of templates to suit your content, allowing for multiple columns, photos and embedding photos and videos.

Before Contacting Us

You should be able to answer these questions:

  1. Why do you need access to WebGarage?
    • What problem would it solve?
    • How will it help you meet your organizational goals?
  2. Would you be better served by a blog or social media platform?
  3. Who is your audience?
    • Who are you writing to?
    • What message do you want to communicate?
    • What kind of feedback do you expect, and how will you manage it?

If you decide that WebGarage is the right place for your content, then continue on.

What We Offer

Stetson University uses WebGarage to control all its branded web materials. Users must go through a mandatory training session on WebGarage before they can use the system to learn best practices of managing their content and using the system. Users may then request web space for a new website or access to any existing website in the system. Web Services is committed to fully supporting all users within WebGarage and ensuring proper quality control of web content.

Getting Started

  1. Determine if your content fits into the website category of content.
  2. Use the Web Service Request form to request training and access to WebGarage.
  3. If you're a new user and the request has been approved, you'll be required to attend any one of our monthly training sessions.
  4. If the request has been approved, Web Services will create a website if needed and then grant access accordingly.
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