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Web Service: Events Calendar


This service is available to Stetson University departments, non-organizational groups and offices.

What is a calendar of events?

An online calendar of events is a centralized web location that a business, individual or organization can use to place information about their events for others to view and search via the online calendar system itself or any number of exported formats.

Before Contacting Us

It's important to know the distinction between announcements and events. An event is an item with a set date and time (which can repeat), while an announcement is any non-event item. For example, both "Breast Cancer Fundraiser" or "Hatter Pep Rally" would be considered events, whereas "Breast Cancer Awareness Week" and "Hatter Pride Day" would be considered campus announcements. It's important to keep this distinction in mind because the university runs an official announcements system.

The university's calendar of events is sub-divided into multiple categories based on event types (e.g., baseball games, concerts, alumni events, etc.). These categories can be modified at any time and, if your group has enough events throughout the year to warrant it, we can add a new category for you.

If you decide that posting an event to the calendar of events is right for you, then continue on.

What We Offer

Web Services offers an online calendar of events and full control over all of the events placed on that calendar for each approved request. Some categories require events to be approved before they are posted; if you post to such a category, your event will only be posted when its moderator approves it.

Getting Started

  1. Determine if your department, non-organizational group or office has enough yearly events to warrant its own calendar, or if you just need to post a single event.
  2. If you're requesting a new category, submit an official request to to notify Web Services of your need to have a new category on the calendar of events.
  3. If you're posting an event, use the Submit an Event form. If the category to which you submit is moderated, your event won't appear until the moderator approved it. Please be sure to allow ample time for this process to take place.
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