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About Homecoming

An annual tradition at Stetson University, Homecoming is the largest event on campus all year. A time for current students, alumni and the DeLand community to come together and celebrate the university, Homecoming week features a number of special events and traditions capped off by the football game at Spec Martin stadium.

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A relatively new tradition at Stetson, the Homecoming bonfire kicks off the week of events that lead up to the football game. Four students, one from each class who embodies the university's values of intellectual development, global citizenship and personal growth, light the bonfire.

Hatter Howl

No Homecoming is complete without a rowdy pep rally. Hatter Howl takes place the night before the Homecoming football game and is a time for Hatters to show their pride. President Libby, Coach Hughes and the football team itself all represent Stetson and pump up the crowd.

Greenfeather Cup

One of the oldest traditions at Stetson is Greenfeather. The tradition has transformed over the years and is now several days of competition and events students participate in throughout the week of Homecoming. The winner of the competition is awarded the Greenfeather Cup.


Usually taking place the Thursday of Homecoming, Airwaves is an all-university lip-sync competition. Teams from across the university compete by mashing together the best lip-sync routine.

Talent Night

A new element of Homecoming is the Talent Night. This event allows Stetson students to showcase their talent. Everything from musical acts to dancing is part of the show.

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