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Vibrancy and Traditions

At Stetson University, we value our traditions. From Homecoming to Values Day, we understand that being a Hatter is vibrant, empowering and significant. Take a look at some of our traditions below and find out what it means to be a Stetson Hatter!


Go Green! Fight White!

At Stetson University, whenever you hear, "Go Green!" you must respond, "Fight White!" This cheer sometimes takes place during athletics contests as well. One side of the stadium will yell "Go Green!" and the other side will respond "Fight White!" This cheer sometimes goes on for several minutes.

One Stetson

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Similar to "Go Green! Fight White!," "One Stetson" is another great stadium yell. "One Stetson" is also a reminder that though Stetson University is made of many individuals, it is also a single community that supports one another.

Fight Song

Hatters you will win the game,
Listen to our cheer,
Shout the glory of your name,
Spread it far and near,
Alma mater praise to thee
And our teammates true,
Marching on to victory
Let's go Hatters go!

Alma Mater

Dear Alma Mater,
Smile Upon Thy Children;
Gladly We Greet Thee,
Altogether Lovely;
Peace Be Within Thy
Classic Halls And Temples.
Hail, Alma Mater Dear

Dear Alma Mater,
Tenderly Thy Children
Gather And Bring To Thee
Gracious Salutations;
Comrades, Your Voices
Lift Once Again In Chorus,
Hail, Alma Mater Dear.

University Ring


Stetson University receives several thousand applications for admission from around the world. Of those highly qualified applicants, only a very select group is admitted for enrollment and, in time, meets the requirements to receive their degrees. Those who remain on track to achieve that goal are deservedly proud of their achievement. There is one symbol that truly recognizes that accomplishment - The Official Stetson University Alumni Association Class Ring. Information about the Official Class Ring is sent to qualified students as well as to their families. Officially endorsed by the Alumni Association, the ring is copyrighted to protect it from duplication. The design of the Official Class Ring will not change - it is the one common bond between those who will graduate this year and in years to come. It is reserved exclusively for those students who have completed at least 62 credit hours and have achieved junior or senior year standing. They say that if you don't dunk your ring in Holler Fountain the day you receive it, you will lose the ring and not graduate! Also, prior to graduation, the ring is worn facing you, signifying the continued growth and development you are receiving at Stetson University. Once your degree is conferred upon you during Commencement, you are invited to turn the ring so it faces outward, signifying your "going out" into the world.

Values Day

Each fall, the university takes a day off to celebrate its values - intellectual development, global citizenship and personal growth. One of the university's strategic goals is to increase awareness and understanding of its core values, and our strategic map's foundation rests on "Deepening the Way We Live Our Core Values." Values Day is designed to continue dialogue, and build a stronger appreciation and understanding of the university's core values. It's a day of celebration, learning and growing. During Values Day, students can attend a number of lectures and presentations, as well as an all-university lunch.

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March of the Hatters


Before each football game, the team exits the bus and walks into Spec Martin stadium. Usually occurring several hours prior to kick off, tailgaters line the entrance into the stadium and cheer the team on as they walk in.

Milk and Cookies

During finals, the library staff provides warm homemade cookies and cool milk to exhausted students who are studying.

Victory Bell

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The Victory Bell is, obviously, a bell that is housed in a tower connected to the Hollis Center. Donated by the Hollis family, the bell signifies Stetson University's drive to victory and features the phrase, "Victory comes from doing your best" emblazoned on the side. The university seeks success and victory academically, through service, on the court or field, and in living its values every day. The bell is only rung at special moments in the year, and it is considered an honor to actually pull the rope that rings the bell. Among other celebrations, the Victory Bell rings after Convocation, after Commencement, each night of Senior Week, and when the football team wins a game. Maybe you will be selected to ring the bell someday!

Hulley Tower

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Completed in 1934, the 116-foot Hulley Tower originally contained an 11-bell carillion, and a mausoleum for Stetson's second president, Lincoln Hulley, and his wife Eloise. Hulley served as president for 30 years (1904-34), and he and his family built the tower as a gift to the university. He died before it was finished. Unfortunately, the infrastructure of the tower and bells was compromised by weather damage. Citing safety reasons, university officials in 2005 made the decision to dismantle the upper part of the structure, leaving the mausoleum intact. Hulley Tower is said to be haunted. Students say that if you hit the bell on the backside of the tower before a test, you will perform better. Hulley Tower is also said to be the meeting location of Stetson University's secret society. Not much is known about the group, its recruiting practices or its service on campus. Maybe you'll be tapped to join!

Holler Fountain


On a campus as beautiful as Stetson University's, it's hard to point out all the amazing features. However, one of the highlights of the DeLand campus is Holler Fountain. The fountain is a common meeting spot and place of reflection for students. Holler Fountain is also part of many traditions. Those receiving their University Ring traditionally dunk the ring in the fountain when they first wear it. It's said that if first-time ring wearers don't dunk the ring, they will lose the ring and never graduate! Though not officially endorsed by the university, students have also been known to throw their friends in the fountain on their birthday...

Elizabeth Hall

One of the older buildings on campus, Elizabeth Hall is also said to be haunted. Students studying late at night on the top floor often report hearing sounds from the attic. It is also rumored that Elizabeth Hall is the building where the Senior Week committee first meets.

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