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Planning an Event?

Make sure to check in with the Student Development and Campus Vibrancy to ensure you have all your bases covered! Send an email or schedule a meeting with SDaCV at if you have doubts about whether your event has been approved; we will work with you to make sure your event is ready to go.

Please be aware that social Greek letter organizations, according to national policies and guidelines, must register all on-campus or off-campus events (including events inside houses).

Reserve a Space

Use this website to make reservations.

Event Registration

Every student organization event on campus needs to be registered.

Fill out this form if your event needs:

  • SWAT (A/V needs)
  • Fundraising
  • Liability waivers
  • Contracting
  • Alcohol and off-campus
  • Public Safety
  • Facilities equipment rental
  • Catering

Registration helps make sure no event details fall through the cracks and that all events are successful. Data obtained through this process is also used to gain more resources for the student organizations.

Table in front of the CUB

Reserve a Banner space

Fund Your Event

Forms can be downloaded off the SAFAC website.

Cultural Credit Request Form

Locate the form to apply for your program/event to qualify for cultural credit after the event has been register.

Advertise on Campus

Find out Stetson University's guidelines and tips for advertising around campus.

Forms for Organizations

Other Requests

Still need to sign up for the organization fair? Have a question about the leadership conference? Email us and get answers to your questions!

Organization Renewal Form

Changed officers recently? Make sure to update your OrgSync profile! Just go to settings and you can new your organizational profile. Don't forget to update the people tab as well.

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