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Experiential Trip

Experiential Trips

We offer three types of off-campus, short-term experiential trips which offer learning experiences in which you'll engage in local communities and develop as a global citizen.

As a result of participating in Stetson University's experiential trips, you'll:

  • Develop hands-on problem solving skills
  • Develop an understanding of the the value of teamwork
  • Develop positive relationships with your peers
  • Critically analyze your growth during the experience

Alternative Break Experiences

By participating in short-term immersions in a new environment, through community-engaged learning, and individual and group reflection, students will develop increased capacities for civic engagement, integrative learning, intercultural knowledge and competence, problem solving, teamwork and global learning while helping community partners achieve their mission of reducing poverty in their communities.

Hatter Treks

Hatter Treks provide new students the opportunity to build and foster bonds with their peers, set their vision for their first year at Stetson University, boost their confidence about becoming a college student, develop trust in others, solve problems in a group setting, and become part of a community before classes even start.

Stetson Outdoor Adventure & Recreation (SOAR)

Stetson Outdoor Adventure & Recreation (SOAR) embodies the commitment to endow the Stetson University community with a means to venture beyond the boundaries of the university through outdoor adventure and recreational activities, creating a unique opportunity to foster new relationships, cultivate an aptitude for leadership and experience life.