Alternative Break Experiences

Alternative break experiences are sponsored by the Center for Community Engagement.

Alternative Fall Break

Little Lighthouse Foundation (October 8-12, 2014)

  • Location: Miami, Fla.
  • Cost: $100 (includes lodging, meals, transportation and service)

We'll be working with the Little Lighthouse Foundation. During this experience, we'll serve children and families who show a substantial need for services. We'll be staying in Miami, either at a local church or community center, and will explore the area during our free time!

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Magnolia Gardens and Plantation (October 8-12, 2014)

  • Location: Charleston, S.C.
  • Cost: $100 (includes lodging, meals, transportation and service)

During this trip we'll be working in Charleston, S.C. with the Magnolia Gardens and Plantation. We'll help with planting, gardening, working in the greenhouse and assisting with other environmental sustainability projects. The group will be housed either at a local church or community center. We'll be right in the midst of the beautiful Charleston area and will explore during our time off!

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Hontoon Island Excursion (October 9-12, 2014)

  • Location: DeLand, Fla.
  • Cost: Free (12 student limit)

This trip is our newest addition to the alternative break experience. Participants will stay in a local setting, but will also get off campus and take some time to get to know more about each other and the community they're living in. This trip is free for the first 12 students who sign up to participate! The focus of this experience will be community and economic development with a sub-focus of environmental awareness. Participants will be staying on Hontoon Island, which means there will be camping involved, as well as tons of other exciting outdoor activities!

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