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First Year and Transition Programs

First Year and Transition Programs is a collection of programs, events and activities designed to help you feel at home at Stetson University and adjust to life as a Hatter.

Explore our website, which contains valuable resources for all students new to Stetson University.


FOCUS Orientation

"Friends On Campus Uniting Students," or FOCUS for short, is a five-day comprehensive orientation program designed to help first-year and transfer students have a successful transition to life at Stetson University.

First-Year Students

Now that you've committed to enroll at Stetson University, we can start getting you ready for your arrival at FOCUS Orientation. This page outlines some of what you need to do, directs you to information on FOCUS and gives you a list of important dates to remember.

Transfer and Nontraditional Students

If you're coming to Stetson University from another college or university, or if you're a "nontraditional student" (meaning you're older than 24), you already know how to get started. But we've got some important resources to help you feel at home in our community.

Commuter Students

We believe that every student, regardless of where they live, deserves to have an outstanding experience at Stetson University. If you're a commuter though, you might not be aware of all that our campus community has to offer. Start here to learn more.


Though your student is facing a huge change, you are too! As a Stetson University parent, there are many resources available to help you get involved as a member of the Stetson Parents Association.

Events for Incoming Students

We mean it when we say we're here to help you adjust to life as a Hatter...While most of our events and planning are centered around introducing you to the campus community, others will help to keep you involved with your friends and family back home.

Resources for Incoming Students

It can be tough to navigate college life at first. There are many forms to fill out, many offices to visit and along the way you'll have questions that need to be answered. Our Resources page is a starting point to help you find these answers.

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