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Stetson University believes that every student, whether they live on-campus or commute, deserves an outstanding and vibrant university experience. Our commuters are able to join over 100 student clubs and organizations, play sports, hold leadership positions, participate in community service projects, work out in our Hollis Center, eat and relax in our dining halls and student lounges and even work on-campus. Below are some commonly asked questions about commuting at Stetson University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will commuting set me apart from other students?

Not at all! Though campus population numbers tend to fluctuate, it is true that almost 1,000 students are commuters. It is not uncommon at all to be a commuter and there are no stigmas attached to commuting.

Will it be difficult to get involved as a commuter?

It is easy to become involved at Stetson University because every opportunity available to residential students (besides hall meetings) are open to all students, including commuters. Some of the most outstanding student leaders at Stetson University have been, and frequently are, commuters. You are welcome, accepted and embraced as a commuter and your input, as well as your involvement, is highly valued.

What if I live far away from campus and meetings aren't convenient for me?

This is a common challenge to commuters. For students living more than an hour away from campus, making meetings can be a hassle and become expensive. When looking at different groups to join, try to group your activities on campus together. If you have time left over between classes and activities, consider doing homework, meeting up with friends or attending other organizational meetings and events. Don't join a group just because the time is convenient for you, but don't inconvenience yourself by joining one that doesn't fit your schedule well. Be sure to find out which organizations interest you and when they meet or hold activities, and then schedule your week around it as best you can.

General Tips for Commuters

  • Plan out your day before you leave your house. Eating on campus may be expensive so bring snacks and whatever you may need to have with you for the day.
  • Be aware that, while the Sage Science Center parking lot is ideal parking on campus, it fills up quickly.
  • If you're having car troubles, call Public Safety. They can give you a jump and are a great resource.
  • Commit to spending more time building relationships instead of just your mileage. You don't want to remember college as being either in class or at home, but instead as a great experience both socially and academically.

Important Resources

Please take advantage of the many commuter resources, including links to important information:

Community Resources

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