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Stetson Senior Week 2017

Senior Week

Near the end of every spring semester, Stetson University dedicates an entire week to the celebration of the outgoing class. If you're graduating in December, don't worry -- you're invited to participate as well! Below is the 2017 Senior Week schedule. Be sure to stay tuned to this website and to the Alumni Association Facebook page for the latest details. #HatterGrad

Current Schedule

Monday, April 24: Senior Toast

5:30 p.m. - President's Garden

At this event, university officials and alumni offer encouraging remarks to the senior class. There's even a real champagne toast! Seniors also get to keep their champagne flute as a gift. Free refreshments will be served as well, so come hungry.

Please remember to bring a government issued ID.  

Tuesday, April 25: Baseball Game

5:00 p.m. - Melching Field

You can't graduate without going to one more game! We're serving up FREE food around the third inning (limited supply). Cheer on your Hatters at against Florida State University. Student admission is free.

Wednesday, April 26: Professional Photos

1 p.m. - 5 p.m., Palm Court 

So, you're graduating in a few weeks... Time to transition from a college student to an "I'm-totally-competent" professional. It's ok, let us help you pull yourself together. Other than your diploma, nothing aids that mission better than a professional photo. We'll be providing a photographer to take FREE professional photos of you!  Arrive appropriately dressed and work the camera like the model you are.

Because we are not scheduling appointments for photos there may be a wait - so we ask you please be patient!  

Thursday, April 27: Night Out

9 p.m. to Midnight - Persimmon Hollow

The guys at the Hollow have invited us over for an evening of memory making and fun. Save the polar ice caps and walk or take the trolley from the Lynn Business Center for a free ride (running from 9 p.m. until 12:00 a.m.). Feel free to invite faculty and staff!

Remember to celebrate responsibly and bring your government issued ID! 

Friday, April 28: Sign Out

3 to 6 p.m. - Lynn Business Center Roof

Seniors line up and climb to the top of the Lynn Business Center, take pictures, hang out, and enjoy the view. Students will also be allowed to sign the Book of Seniors in the LBC lobby prior to climbing to the roof. The "Book of Seniors" is a large, leather-bound book where the signatures of outgoing seniors are kept. Students are allowed to write whatever they like - draw pictures, write quotes, etc. The book is kept and passed down each year to the next class. Most students write encouraging words to future graduating classes. Show up later and watch the sun set across campus!

Please refrain from wearing skirts, dresses, or heels to this event. There's a bit of climbing required to gain access to the roof.