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Advertising on Campus

Only registered student organizations, departments and offices of Stetson University may advertise on campus. If you are an outside vendor (or not affiliated with the university), we provide Market Day as a venue for you to advertise your products and services.

Advertising Options

Digital Options

Physical Options

Visit the print shop for all your flyer and poster needs.

Our Advertising Policy

Thinking about posting flyers, banners or announcements around campus? Make sure you read and follow Stetson University's advertising policy ahead of time to understand what and where advertisements can be posted. All advertisements that do not prescribe to these minimum requirements will be removed.

» Section XII in the Organization Manual

  1. General Statement
    1. All advertisements are to contain:
      1. The name of the org that is hosting the event
      2. Date
      3. Time
      4. Location
      5. Contact person or group information for the advertised event
    2. Advertisements may not contain any of the following:
      1. References to alcohol
      2. References to drugs
      3. Racial or discriminatory language
      4. Graphics or language of a derogatory sexual nature
  2. Paper Flyers
    1. Individual flyers do not need prior approval as long as they meet the guidelines set forth in the Stetson University Posting Policy. Flyers or announcements, other than banners, are limited to a maximum dimension of (20"x25") and must be removed within (24) hours of the advertised event(s). Distributions of flyers or announcements through the Stetson University Post Office are to be used for academic or departmental uses in accordance with the Student Government Association standards.
    2. No items can be posted outside of the designated billboards (no columns or on the walls) or in/on trees. Please see below for approved posing locations.
  3. Flyer Posting Locations
    1. Flyers or announcements may be posted at any time on the catalog boards in any of the following buildings:
      1. Carlton Union Building (6 locations)
      2. Hollis Center
      3. Flagler stairwells
      4. Elizabeth Hall
      5. Sage Hall
      6. Sampson Hall
      7. Presser Hall
      8. Davis Hall
    1. No flyer or announcement may be attached to any following, including but not limited to:
      1. Walls (Interior or Exterior)
      2. Windows
      3. Doors
      4. Street signs
      5. Poles
      6. Trees
  4. Additional Posting Locations
    1. Additional areas on Stetson's campus may require special permission or have extra requirements before a flyer may be posted. Please refer to these locations below, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact SDaCV.
    2. Residential life halls and apartments
      1. Send an electronic version of your flyer to for review. If approved you will be instructed to bring a specific number of printed flyers to the HRL office in University Hall. Approved flyers must be dropped off at least 14 days prior to the event you wish to advertise.
    3. Lynn Business Center
      1. All postings of information must get approval by the Dean's Office in LBC. After approval, flyers or announcements can only be placed on the large catalog boards in the halls that are not being utilized by departments within the School of Business Administration.
      2. Flyers or announcements cannot be displayed on the catalog boards outside of classrooms or faculty offices.
      3. Flyers or announcements cannot be secured with staples on catalog boards. Please use tacks to secure any information.
      4. Flyers or announcements cannot be taped to walls, elevators or the railings in the School of Business Administration.
    4. Commons
      1. Flyers, table toppers, or stickers on cups should be approved by Don Stanwick at
    5. Library
      1. All flyers or announcements should be left with Karen Blekicki at Flyers or announcements for political advertisements, including for individuals running in campus elections, are not permitted unless an organization is sponsoring a program that will include cultural credit.
      2. For a full description of the library's posting policy, please go to
    6. Allen Hall
      1. All posters are required to go through Lisa Guenther at She will also place them on boards in the building, including the one by the front door on the inside. To post in the auditorium, organizations are required to contact the Cooperative Collegiate Fellowship.
  5. Digital Billboard
    1. Student organizations, faculty and staff may post advertisements digitally on the (3) TVs located in the Coffee Shop and Commons. Stetson urges its community to focus on environmental responsibility and would like to offer an alternative option to posting paper flyers around campus. Forms need to be submitted at least 3 business days for the advertisement to appear on the digital billboards, and there is a maximum posting period of (1) week. You may reserve your space on the digital billboards by filling out the "Digital Billboard" form on OrgSync.
    2. Please send us your ad the following format:
      1. PowerPoint (.pptx) file in 16:9 format - (16 width x 9 height).
        1. Your ad should be sent to us in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or higher (PPTX) format.
        2. Your ad should be sized at 16:9. To size your ad, click the Design tab on the ribbon, then click Page Setup. Set the width to 16 and the height to 9.
        3. Fonts should be no smaller than 30 pt.
        4. Use only one of the following fonts: Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman.
        5. For readability, avoid cursive or script-type fonts.
        6. Do not use copyrighted images without attribution.
        7. Make sure images that are used are not stretched or warped.
        8. Your slides should look clean and organized.
      2. Digital Billboard also accepts video!
        1. Videos should be sent either as .mpg, .mpeg or .flv
        2. YouTube video format is best
        3. Video must be 60 seconds or less
        4. Video can have sound, but we cannot guarantee it will be heard.
        5. Music will work well, but people speaking may be difficult to hear.
  6. Banners, Sidewalk Chalk and CUB Porch Tabling
    1. Banner, sidewalk chalk and CUB porch tabling space may be reserved through the Hub in the CUB on the second floor of the Carlton Union Building or through the "Banner Space, Sidewalk Chalk and CUB Porch Tabling Reservations" form on OrgSync (
    2. There are many available locations on campus, which can be found on the reservation form; however, space is available on a "first-come, first-served" basis. All of these advertising methods have a (1) week period; special permission may be obtained through SDaCV for periods longer than (1) week. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SDaCV.
    3. There is a limited space of (8) tables at the CUB, (8) banner spaces in the CUB arches, and (1) in the Stetson Quad.
    4. Check-in at the Hub in the Cub for banners and tables.
      1. Table reservations are from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
      2. Each organization/department is responsible for raising and removing their banner on time as well as checking out your table from the Hub in the CUB and returning it.
    5. Under no circumstances may any type of adhesive be used to make sidewalk chalk adhere to the sidewalks. This includes, but is not limited to hairspray, glue, etc. No chalking on verticle surfaces is allowed.
  7. Other
    1. Post your event on the Stetson calendar ( or place an announcement on the Intranet page (
    2. Advertise in the Reporter - Contact the Reporter staff at to either purchase an advertisement or enter a featured article into the paper.
    3. Items with small wooden stakes can under special circumstances be approved by SDaCV and Facilities Management. Requests should be made through SDaCV at Items placed in ground are limited to a 48 hour window. Items placed in trees are limited to a (1) week reservation.
    4. For inclusivity purposes, please add the following statement to you marketing materials: "Please email (insert your organization email here) or call (insert your phone number here) if you anticipate any barriers to your access, participation, transportation to or inclusion in this event."
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