As part of the Stetson University community, you might be wondering what Mapworks is. Mapworks is a software system from Skyfactor used at many campuses by faculty, staff and students in pursuit of increased student success and satisfaction.

The key to Mapworks is that it brings together information we already know about our students with information that students self-report to us each semester through the Mapworks Survey. This self-reported information helps us tailor our efforts to best serve students.

Connecting Students

At Stetson University, all undergraduate students and faculty, as well as many key staff members in student-centric areas, are connected through Mapworks. The student portal allows students to see their faculty and staff Direct-Connects (e.g., current professors, staff in Academic Success, Housing and Residential Life staff, etc.), their courses, campus resources, and tasks and referrals that can be created by the student or connected faculty and staff.

Connecting Faculty

Faculty are connected to students in their courses so they can submit academic updates about their students' progress. This is how faculty communicate with Student Success and allows us to share in the effort of supporting students.

Connecting Staff

Staff in student-centric areas (e.g., Campus Life and Student Success, One Stop, etc.) utilize Mapworks to identify students who may benefit from services in their areas. Some student groups are directly connected with their relevant staff advisors so that advisors can best serve their students.

The Mapworks Survey

The Mapworks Survey is launched during the third week of each fall and spring semester. For the 2015-2016 academic year the survey will be open in the fall from September 7 to September 21 (Fall Transition Survey) and in the spring from January 25 to February 8 (Spring Transition Survey). The survey is students' chance to "check in" and tell us how they are transitioning into the semester, providing feedback on several markers of success.

If you are thinking, "Not another survey!" please don't be discouraged! The Mapworks Survey provides tangible feedback in two ways:

Individualized Reports

After completing the survey, students receive an individualized results report, which provides suggestions for their continued success on each success marker, and, when applicable, ideas for improvement. In this way, the student report is a good way for students to assess where they are early on and plan for success throughout the semester. The report is also a great starting point for discussions with academic advisors or success coaches if you're struggling in some areas.

Identifying Benefits for Students

Student Success uses the survey results as a way to identify students who might benefit from our services. We then contact these students to let them know we're here to help.

Continued Success

Ultimately, the feedback from the Mapworks survey helps us to create a snapshot of what students need during the current semester so that we can do our best to tailor the ways we provide support.


We encourage students to take the survey early each semester to be entered to win one of our prizes, which include:

Fall 2015:

  • Grand Prize (2): Annual Pass to Universal Studios Orlando
  • Second Prize (10): $25 gift card to the book store: save it for your books, pick up supplies or stock up on your Hatter gear
  • Third Prize (10): $25 gift card to a variety of restaurants 

All students receive a coupon for a free drink in the coffee shop for completing the survey.


If you have questions about Mapworks or would like to learn more about the software, email