Information for Faculty

Mapworks, a system from Skyfactor, is a holistic approach to student success and retention, providing a platform that faculty and staff can use to:

  • Identify at-risk students early in the term
  • Coordinate interventions among faculty and staff with at-risk students by providing real-time analytics, strategic communications and differentiated user interfacing, with integrated statistical testing and outcomes reporting

For more information, read the brief Mapworks Overview.


The Mapworks process involves combining data from the university with self-reported information from the students, which is provided by the semesterly Mapworks Survey. Using that information, Mapworks uses real-time analytics to provide information directly to the students as well as to the faculty and staff working with them.


For faculty interested in learning more about the theory behind the Mapworks system, we recommend reading The Foundation of MAP-Works: Research and Theoretical Underpinnings of MAP-Works (Skyfactor formerly EBI MAP-Works, 2012).

Using Mapworks

MAP-Works is entirely web-based and can be accessed through the Student Life tab of your My.Stetson portal.