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Student Success

Success has many definitions -- getting accepted into the university, making a certain GPA, graduating from the university, getting a job, going to graduate school, living a life of significance -- and whatever your definition of success happens to be, Student Success will play an integral part in helping you along the way:

  • Student Success bridges components of the student learning experience, including academics, athletics, campus life and student employment, to support an integrative learning and development environment.
  • By collaborating with campus partners, we can design and implement experiences whose meaning and impact lasts long after their official conclusion. These include internships, community-based learning and mentored research.
  • Using a variety of methods including advising, accommodation, academic and career coaching and tutoring, we can engage you and reinforce your learning experience.

Student Services

Student Success offers resources, information and services to empower students to achieve excellence and success both during and after their college years. We're here not just to provide support but also to challenge students. We strive to assist students in becoming academically and civically engaged critical thinkers with the ability to self-manage to meet their goals.

Student Success bridges academic and student affairs and includes the following areas:


Faculty interested in learning more should refer to our newsletter.