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Information for Scholarship Recipients

Receiving a Donor-Funded Scholarship

Congratulations on being selected to receive a named, donor-funded scholarship! These scholarships are funded by successful people who care about Stetson and your future.

A named scholarship is something you are entrusted with because we know you will represent the University well and that you will want to take advantage of the mentoring and networking opportunities it provides to you.

Donor-Funded Financial Aid

Named scholarships are very important to the University, not only financially because they supplement institutional funds, but also because they help give you a sense of the Stetson family.When we match your qualifications to named, donor-funded scholarships, the value of your Stetson merit award will be either partially or wholly funded.

You will notice on your financial aid award that, while the dollar amount of your scholarship may remain the same, the name of your scholarship will change. This does not affect the bottom line of your financial aid award nor your student account billing statement. For additional information you can visit the Office of Student Financial Planning's website.


What You Can Do

Your participation is an important determining factor when donors are asked to continue funding scholarships at Stetson. Throughout the year, you may be asked by the Stewardship Office to:

  • Fill out a profile about yourself and provide a photograph
  • Write a note of appreciation to your donors at Scholarship Day
  • Have lunch or participate in a social get-together with your donors
  • Attend the spring Scholarship Benefactor Luncheon
  • Give permission to use your photo, profile, and/or letter in University Relations publications

Frequently Asked Questions

What are donor-funded scholarships?

These scholarships are funded directly by donors, who can be alumni, corporations, foundations, or friends of Stetson. These are different than Stetson merit-based scholarships, which are funded by the University. Your donor scholarship helps underwrite, or may completely replace, your Stetson-funded scholarship.

How was I selected for my donor-funded scholarship?

Financial Aid matches students with scholarship criteria that are determined by scholarship donors or their representatives in consultation with Stetson. In some cases, the Dean may collaborate with faculty and staff members in selecting students for scholarships that are specific to a college, school, major or program.

What do I need to do to keep my donor-funded scholarship?

You need to continue to meet the scholarship's criteria and GPA requirement. If your scholarship is based on your financial need, you will need to fill out your FAFSA every year. You should also remain active in campus life and participate in the Donor-Funded Scholarship Program when asked.

What information is shared with my scholarship donors?

We may acquire a photo of you from the Stetson website and will ask for your permission to use a photograph of you in any publication. We will not report confidential information, such as your GPA, and we will not share your personal contact information without first contacting you for permission. All other information shared is dependent upon the student in their writing of thank-you notes and other forms of communication.

How can I contact my scholarship donors?

While we cannot share your scholarship donors' personal contact information with you, we are happy to contact them on your behalf at any time if you want to share information with them, such as a note of thanks, a special accomplishment, or an invitation to an event in which you are participating. We will cover the mailing costs of any printed materials you want to send to your scholarship donors.

We are deeply grateful for the time and effort you take to let your donors know how much you appreciate their support. Thank you!

If you have any question about the awarding of donor-funded scholarships and your eligibility, feel free to contact the Office of Student Financial Planning.


Information for Scholarship Recipients

Please take a few minutes to complete the Scholarship Recipient Profile form.

This information will be passed along to the donor who funds your scholarship. Reading your story in your own words is a meaningful experience for our donors — it helps to illuminate the impact that their giving has, not just on the university, but on you.

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