Office of Stewardship

The Office of Stewardship is a part of the Development and Alumni Engagement division at Stetson University. In addition to scholarships, the Office of Stewardship is involved with donors to endowed chairs, lecture series, academic programs and awards.

We also show donors the impact of their gifts by connecting them with those who benefit directly from their generosity. Likewise, we strive to create a culture of philanthropy and a sense of the Stetson University family for current students.

Explore our website for more information on what we do for donors and students along with upcoming event information. 


Please take a few minutes to complete the Scholarship Recipient Profile form below.

We have two forms to choose from - choose the form that best describes the type of Stetson student you are this year.

New Students (First-Year Students and Transfer Students) CLICK HERE.

This form is for students who are new-to-Stetson (freshmen, first-year transfer students). 

Continuing Students CLICK HERE.

This form is for students who are continuing or returning Stetson students (sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students). 


This information will be passed along to the donor who funds your scholarship. Reading your story in your own words is a meaningful experience for our donors—it helps to illuminate the impact that their giving has, not just on the university, but on you.  If you have questions - contact the Office of Stewardship at (386) 822-7715 or