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Summer Housing 2014

Housing for summer 2014 will be in apartment-style housing (primarily the University Village Apartments). These units offer individual bedrooms, a bathroom shared by not more than one other person, a common living room space and kitchen. Washers and dryers are available in laundry rooms located within the complex.


Summer housing is billed at a weekly rate and depends on whether you're registered for classes. Summer housing charges go directly to your student account. Students will be billed $125 per week for any week during which they're enrolled in a course and $200 per week for weeks during which they are not enrolled.

Session Enrolled Not Enrolled
A (May 14 - Jul. 27) $1,375 $2,200
B (May 14 - May 31) $375 $600
C (May 14 - Jun. 14) $625 $1,000
D (May 14 - Jul. 3) $1,000 $1,600
E (Jun. 1 - Jul. 16) $875 $1,400
F (Jun. 18 - Jul. 19) $625 $1,000
Full Summer $1,775 - $2,375* $2,600

* Amount depends on number of weeks enrolled

The costs listed above are much less than we've been able to offer in past summers as the university is working to promote its summer academic offerings. Housing and Residential Life is supporting this initiative by offering reduced rates for those students taking courses.

Sign Up for Summer Housing

Interested students may log into Housing Central to complete the 2014 Summer Application & Lease. Space is limited, so assignments will be available based on the following prioritization:

  • Enrollment in summer courses
  • Employment at the university
  • Outside employment/not for credit internships
  • Other

Many factors are considered in making specific room assignments, including date of submission, current and future housing assignments, dates of occupancy, facilities projects, etc. Housing and Residential Life will communicate your assignment to you via email before the end of April.

Students who are registered for sessions A, B, C and D will be permitted to remain on campus in between the end of finals and the May 14 move-in date. The cost of this is included in your summer rates.

When to Sign Up

Summer housing leases will be available through Housing Central beginning March 1, 2014. The priority deadline is April 11, 2014.

Important Dates

  • March 1: Application/lease available through Housing Central
  • April 11: Priority deadline for summer housing leases
  • April 30: Date by which students will receive summer housing assignment
  • May 14: Move-in date for Session A, B, C and D residents (begins at noon)
  • May 31: Move-out deadline for Session B residents (no later than noon)
  • June 1: Move-in date for Session E residents (begins at noon)
  • June 14: Move-out deadline for Session C residents (no later than noon)
  • June 18: Move-in date for Session F residents (begins at noon)
  • July 3: Move-out deadline for Session D residents (no later than noon)
  • July 16: Move-out deadline for Session E residents (no later than noon)
  • July 19: Move-out deadline for Session F residents (no later than noon)
  • July 27: Move-out deadline for Session A residents (no later than noon)
  • August: Summer residents move to their fall 2014 housing assignments or temporary transitional spaces (more information on these spaces will be provided to residents who remain for interim session). Students without a fall housing assignment will need to move out by July 27, 2014 (no later than noon).

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